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Hayyan is devoted to the technical and important task of spreading the publication of facsimiles of Muslim manuscripts our vocation is seen to create a varied catalog in the context of protection and dissemination of Arab and Muslim heritage.To attain this we incorporate the artistic, scientific, and religious materials that bring to light the knowledge achieved by humanity through Islam, reflecting its spirit and thought down the years.
Our objective is the investigation of the oldest Arabic cultural memories, selecting important documents and manuscripts and reproducing them with respect to the original inks, hand-applied gold, parchment paper, and artisanal style, and also new techniques are brought together to assure that the final work is a faithful reflection of the work of the scriptorium’s artists, with a final result that makes it difficult to distinguish between the original and the facsimile. The initial facsimile will be an outstanding and faithful hand-calligraphed reproduction of the original historical work. This will be produced as a one-off calligraphed original in a very limited run for clients. We will also release a more extensive high-quality print copy of the book, sometimes with a modern Arabic or English translation for the more general market.
The facsimile book will be printed on extremely high-quality acid-free paper. And the translated copies also on good quality durable papers. The printed copies will be supplied to an order of the customers bound to their choice from a range available.

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